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November 2011

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Make my life interesting

So I don`t have to worry about what to do with the kids at the middle school I was working at. On Friday the teacher called me and said he would be back next week. So much for any sort of temporary contract. It sucks, but I`m happy I didn`t stay there. A temporary contract would be great, but I would rather have it at a closer school. It took me an hour and a half to get there. I had an awful day getting back home from there on Thursday last week. The bus I was meant to catch to get home in time to get my binder and leave for tutoring was late, meaning I would miss all of the needed connections. I called a taxi in hopes of catching up, but the taxi didn`t come either! I caught the later bus and called around, hoping someone could help me out and drive me somewhere. Luckily I got in touch with my mom, who happened to be in PoCo as well. I got off the bus, met up with my mom a few minutes later, and she played chauffeur for me for the majority of the evening. I couldn`t thank her enough.

That event convinced me to bring my tutoring binder with me to TOC jobs. After work I`ll go to my parents place, have dinner, and leave from there since the kid`s house is ten minutes away from their place.

Over the weekend I realized I needed to keep myself busy in the evenings. I tutor Thursday evenings and I meet up with friends on Wednesdays for wings and drinks, but that seems to be it. I`m finding myself bored and lonely on most evenings. So as of now I`m looking for fitness or swimming classes. I`m thinking of doing a yoga class on Fridays and do swimming on Mondays. It`ll keep me in shape and it`ll give me something to do. When I get my license back I`ll also spend time on Sundays with my dad learning how to drive. When I`m not called in for TOCing I`m especially bored. I mean I still have things I should be doing; today I dropped off my MSP forms (although I still have to go back and give post-dated cheques), and on my next unexpected day off I`ll go get my license again, but that stuff will run out. I`ve pretty much unpacked too. I guess I can think about Christmas shopping? Does anyone have any ideas?