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November 2011

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the epic camping trip

These past two weeks have proven to be very busy for me. Aside from interviews, tutoring and looking after various things, I scarcely had time to post here or on Facebook. Well, at least with Facebook I can post updates via telephone. Then I had an awesome, awesome camping trip this past week, where my priority was to relax, have fun and to forget about everything back home.

The camping was amazing. Eight people showed up, so it turned out to be a quite a party. I wasn`t drunk all of them time, but until Sunday morning I was pretty much on something at all times. The dance was great, the crazy things we did (like jumping into the ocean at 3 am with phosphorescence surrounding the water) was great, exploring was great, spending time with Gabe was great, dancing with Gabe was great (especially because I`ve never danced with a boyfriend before) and all the other company was great. It was the best camping trip I`ve ever been on, despite getting lost on the way there and back. I also seemed to have picked something up, as my throat is scratchy and I`m a bit stuffed up. Oh well. I`m still very satisfied with the trip.

Gabe and I seemed to have grown closer to each other during this camping trip. I`m very happy about this.

I still haven`t found a job... although earlier today I was offered more hours from my current job. Apparently I`ll hear more about it tomorrow morning. This could mean the end of my job search, although I`m wondering how long these new hours will last. Someone in another location is going to school and I`ll be replacing them, sort of, but when they`re done, what am I going to do? I followed up with another out of school care, although they haven`t made any decisions yet. And I declined a job offer today based on a few things: they didn`t initially tell me anything about the job; I was offered it without an interview, which seems sketchy; I would teach reading and writing to elementary school students, which I`ve never done; prep time would be on my own time and would be unpaid; I wasn`t sure how much I would be paid; and they wanted me to do a trial hour of teaching that day. The place just didn`t seem to have it together. So hopefully things work out tomorrow because I really need some work. I really want to move in with Gabe too.

Gabe`s back to working during the day, which I`m happy about. The graveyard shifts were just too much. He`ll be working Monday to Thursday from noon to ten at night. This isn`t so bad. Besides, he gets weekends off, so I`ll have Gabe time when I`m off too :)