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November 2011

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i can see the hornets trapped inside of you

Unfortunately, the talk with Gabe did not go well. He didn`t seem to favour my constant sleep pattern idea (hey, it was just a suggestion), nor with my choice of not inviting him to things as often if no resolution is formed. He simply took it as me not wanting to see him. Anyone else have any ideas of what to do? Because at this moment I don`t think I have any other choices than to do that if this isn`t fixed. I thought our phone call would be the end of the talk, but no. He was hurt or pissy enough to send me a text explaining that since he is sick, he would not want to inconvenience me, so I probably won`t see him a lot this month. In response, I called bullshit: he just don`t want to see me, which he confirmed in a later text. This is fine because I`m in no mood to see him either. He told me he didn`t like how I was treating him like a child, but if the shoe fits... aside from sending intentional hurtful text messages to fuel such a fight, he was defensive, he called me names, and acted as if only his needs mattered. My intention was to point out an issue that affected both us negatively in hopes to find a solution; it was not to start a fight, nor was it to hurt him. It was meant to help our relationship. So much for that.

That said, Hornets.

So with a weekend potentially being Gabe-free, I intend on going to the beach tomorrow, all by my little self. I`m excited! I purchased a new Stephen King book too, which I will enjoy while sun bathing on the beach.

Today I received another wonderful compliment from the tutoring organization I work for. It`s so rare to find a company that praises you; most of the time they criticize you, especially for minute things. I`m very pleased. It`s a huge booster for my work ethic and my belief in my capabilities.



In this situation I would consider what I felt were deal breakers between me and my (insert relationship explanation here). For me, deal breakers are yelling, name calling, bullying, and hitting. Any of those things happen and I am not going to engage the other person in anything. For almost all of them, it results in immediate ceasing of any relationship.

Everyone's standards are different. When you know what your standards are, what is a deal breaker for you, it becomes easier to know a plan of action. At the very least you can then ask yourself why you are accepting certain behaviour.

My only other suggestion is when talking about things that piss you off, make it about you. It seems to make people less defensive. "I feel unimportant when you forget to meet me at (insert situation)."

Have a great day at the beach. Will you be wanting to come with potentially Kara and I to the India Festival on Sunday??

Men can be soooooo stuuuupid!! But then again, so can us women.