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November 2011

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What do?

TOCing has been good so far. I definitely prefer having my own classroom; I know what to plan for, I have my own expectations, I have my own goals, and I get to know students more than a TOC would. I always like knowing in advance what to do rather than just go with the flow, especially when it comes to work. Right now I`ve taken a job 'until further notice' at a middle school. The TOC who was covering for a teacher who had surgery had surgery herself, so I`m stuck with the class. I know it`s a good thing because after four consecutive days I get paid to scale with a full-time teacher wage, and after twenty one days it`s considered a temporary contract. This means more money and experience. I just want to know what to do with these kids. I have stuff for now, but I`m thinking long term. What do I do next week? I`m in student services, so most kids come in with work from their actual class and I modify what they`re doing to make it easier since these kids have learning disabilities. But it seems some kids have been given stuff from the first TOC on their own. Did she have a plan, or do I make up the rest? Some resources would be great because I`m mostly helping kids with math, and I`m not familiar with extra math resource cites. In the meantime, I`ve e-mailed the TOC and the teacher of the actual class, and I`ve been talking with the teachers at the school, who seem to be quite helpful.

The place is also far. The commute is balls.

Gabe and I are settling in nicely. We still don`t spend a lot of time together. I wake up to him coming into bed, we snuggle and exchange some words of our day and anything of importance, and then I see him in the morning when I get ready for work. Our schedules completely clash. The one evening he has free is the one evening I don`t have free. I asked him if he could get a different day off from work. Hopefully something will happen.

Other than that, I`m very happy to be living on my own. I really like my new place. Everything is close by, including most of my friends. I`m ten minutes away from Sam`s place instead of an hour. A bunch of us go to a pub every Wednesday for wings, and the place is four blocks away from my house! It`s nice to get out more on the weekdays because I live closer. I`m really enjoying myself.

Last night I went to see GWAR with Kara. Lucky for me I already had a fake blood stained shirt from Halloween, so I wore that. I got completely soaked in blood, which is okay because it was the best part! My bra is a bit stained though, haha. They were fantastic to see :) I`m so glad I went.