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November 2011

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Good news comes in threes

And I have two out of the three.

Gabe and I found a place to live in New West. We`ll move in at the end of the month. I`m counting down the days until I can see him every day! Him and I have conflicting schedules; we`re only able to see each other without work on Sundays, although that may even change. He`s probably working this Sunday, but at least work gave him a few days off during this week. Either way, in two weeks time him and I will be living together and it will be wonderful :)

The second good news is that, believe it or not, I got a position as a TOC for the Coquitlam school district! I suppose my hard work in the spring and Lucy`s help got the me the job. She told me she never gave up on me and still hounded the district to hire me, even after September. I gave up hope after August. Apparently they were short staffed and hired fourteen more, which included me :) I even have my first TOCing gig next week, which is good because I had to decline my first one because I`m still working this week at the daycare. I even have some people lined up to request me. I`m so excited! It`s still hard to believe this actually happened though...

Taking transit from New West will be difficult, especially if I get an emergency call in the morning. Because of this I`m going to work towards getting my N... this time. I always kept saying that and I always put off driving, but this is a big reason to get my license. I`m hoping to renew my L this week. Hopefully getting my license will be the third piece of good news. I`ll also apply to be a TOC in New West to make things a little easier and to get more work.

Unfortunately, not everyone in my life has good news. Kara and Dustin broke up. All I`m going to say is that it was messy and I`ve lost respect for Dustin.

I think I was re-accepted into SFU because I got an e-mail notifying me of my enrollment. I was planning on getting a minor in learning disabilities to help me get hired... but I already got hired. I`ll still go through with it. It`s beneficial for me to learn about these students, and it`ll look good too. I`ll be attending part-time in the spring.