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November 2011

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Events be turning.

So in two weeks time I`m giving up working afternoon shifts at Regan. This is because I actually got a job offer from another out of school place, even though the interview was a month ago. I didn`t think I got the job because I never heard back from them. They`re offering me 2-6 shifts Monday to Friday, which beats the hours I`m getting at Regan. They pay is $2 cheaper, but I calculated the difference in monthly income and it`s $300 more if I take this new job. I`ll still work in the mornings at Over the Rainbow and help out on pro days if I can; I don`t want to burn my bridges entirely, but this makes me feel more secure about my income and my contributions to living with Gabe. For the next two weeks I`ll just work at the new place on Tuesdays and Fridays, but at the start of October, I`ll be making a lot more money.

At the same time, I may ended paying a lot of money to the US government. Because of their economic crisis, they`re calling in any potential debts. I knew my dad began to be hounded by the IRS about a month ago for not filing his taxes, even though he`s lived in Canada for over 30 years. It`s because he never gave up his American citizenship, so I suppose he`s still subject to filing taxes, even if he`s lived abroad for 30 years and has citizenship for another country. Apparently I`m subject to these demands too, as my American citizenship is still active. This means that both my brother and I have to file our taxes for the IRS. I had no idea I was supposed to do this, let alone that my citizenship was still active. We`ll file them and then renounce our citizenship, which could take awhile; apparently there`s a two year waiting list. In the meantime, my mom suggests I avoid going to the States in case the IRS decides to follow up on me in person :/ This is so frustrating and unfair. I have no ties to the States and I consider myself Canadian. The only perk about having duel citizenship is that I can vote in American elections, but if I have to file taxes for two countries, then fuck that.

I also saw my doctor about getting assessed and she made a referral. My appointment to talk to a psychiatrist is for next week.