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November 2011

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My job search has come to an end, I suppose. I got more hours at my current job and I`m still tutoring, so Gabe and I have begun to look for a place. There`s no rush for us. He would prefer if we move in at the end of October, which does seem like a good idea. I can save up a bit and move into a new place with money in my bank account, especially because I won`t be making that much. I`m just impatient about moving in together. I`ve spent a lot of time with him in the past few weeks, and as of now, any day without him doesn`t seem right. Him and I have really bonded in these past few weeks.

Gabe`s graveyard shifts have ended and he`s back to working during the day. Of course, this also means he`s called to work on his days off again. He always accepts because he wants to gain more experience and money for his trip. I`ve come to realize that his career means a lot to him, and he has long term goals he`s working towards. It`s part of the Gabe package, and I`m coming to terms with this. I want him as a boyfriend. I`d rather be with a hard working Gabe that doesn`t always have time for me than no Gabe at all. He`s doing it for a good cause, and I want to respect his wishes and goals. I want to support him with his future ambitions. He knows I`m important and he makes time for me when he can, which I do appreciate. He supports me too. When I said that I was thinking of moving to northern BC if I didn`t get a teaching job here, he said he would go with me. I was so touched when he said that.

I`ve never loved anyone like this before. I know him and I have had some rough patches, but in the end I always feel confident about us. Unlike previous boyfriends, I can`t really think of any sort of large issue that would tear us apart. Any sort of fights we have had were over small, petty things. Gabe shows me so much love and respect. I`m very lucky to have this man.